INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE SECTOR EDUCATION Through our continuous efforts,we have become one of the most reputable international education agencies-serving our clients and maintaining excellent relationships with our cooperative schools,institutes and universities in the UK.UCT's straightforward 'Fast Track' educational consultancy service has been acknowledged by plenty Chinese oragnizations.Recently UCT has extended its cooperation with HSBC in the UK on international training and professional knowledge exchange to educational / immigration sectors.Our comprehensive 'VIP UK Settlement' program specially designed for HSBC China guarantees smooth settlements of all HSBC China guarantees smooth settlements of all HSBC China accounts holders with our all around involvement.
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1. ACADEMIC SERVICES a. Help the student choose the appropriate educational establishment for their further studies.
b. Contact the chosen educational establishment and assist with the filing of the application to attend on behalf of the student.
c. Assist with the ongoing communications between the student and the chosen educational establishment.
d. Apply on behalf of the student for any language schools or foundation courses if required.

2. BEFORE DEPATURE(WITH OFFER) a. Advice for visa application.
b. Introduction to the UK as well as the local environment of the educational establishment.
c. Suggestions for further life and studies in the UK.

3. AFTER ARRIVAL a. Transfer the student to the school and help them to register.
b. Arrange accommodation if required.
c. Provide responsible guardian for students under 18 years old.
d. Further suggestions and help if necessary.